They come in various types, including hex bolts, carriage bolts, and machine bolts, each designed for specific applications and load requirements. Bolts play a crucial role in construction, manufacturing, automotive, and countless other industries, providing secure and reliable fastening solutions for structural and mechanical assemblies.

Carriage Bolt

Carriage bolts are mostly used in wood to wood fastening and general construction of decks, porches, swing sets and other home auxiliary units. It comes with a square shoulder and round head which can resist turning when the fastener is being tightened or removed. This ensures that the structure being built is sturdy and robust. The differentiating factor between these bolts and regular bolts is the dome-shaped head – the bolts are not meant to be screwed directly onto surfaces. These bolts from BSA Enterprises are corrosion resistant because of the stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel materials used in its making. The versatility of these bolts allows them to be used on a wide range of applications. They are used for creating wood frames and wood beams and most wood to sheet metal fastening because its unique shape makes this the best contender when it comes to holding wood together. The square shoulder ensures that the structure being built is rigid, by restricting the movement of the materials being joined.

HT Bolt Nut & Washer

Structural bolts are used for applications which require extremely high strength fastening – mostly steel to steel. The fasteners used in structural applications are often shorter, wider and have a larger bearing surface to increase their load-bearing abilities. Structural bolts and nuts from BSA Enterprises comply with national and international standards like the ISO and ASTM. They come in stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel materials and are galvanised for improved durability. We also provide custom structural fasteners like washers for your bolts. Our fasteners come in a wide range of dimensions for all your requirements.

Self Clinching Studs

Self-Clinching Studs from BSA Enterprises are mostly used for fastening materials on to sheet metals. Our studs come in various sizes for applications in different environments and requirements. Using these studs means that it becomes a permanent fixture on wherever it is used for material installation. For that reason, ensure that the usage of these fasteners is pre-planned in the initial stages of a product’s assembly. To secure the stud in the sheet metal, a lateral squeezing force is applied on either end of it. They are mostly used in applications requiring high torque as well. It comes in stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel materials to lend an anti-corrosion attribute to the bolts. The primary advantage of these studs is that they are externally threaded and eliminate the need for loose bolts and screws. This indirectly reduces the cost of assembly and increases the structure’s ability to handle extra load and torque.


Studs from BSA Enterprises are steel bolts which are threaded on both ends. After the stud is screwed and secured in the middle, two different objects can be secured on either side of the bolts. Made with stainless steel for increased durability, they are used for flange bolting using nuts on either side. These bolts are typically stronger than standard bolts as they are cast and forged with a single piece of metal.The bolts find their application in industries like manufacturing, plumbing, construction, petrochemical and automobile manufacturing. But they can also be used for custom applications based on individual requirements. These bolts are galvanised and can be used in high temperature applications as well. Since these bolts offer the user with the option of attaching two objects to its ends, it can also be economical in large scale projects. Get in touch with us to place custom orders of any size.

U Bolt Clamp

Standard and Custom Bent bolts from BSA Enterprises are durable and corrosion resistant because of the stainless steel, alloy steel or carbon steel make. These bolts find their use mostly in construction as a result of its ruggedness and wide application range. The fasteners and anchors of the foundations and roofs of most buildings are secured using these bolts. They are also used in pipes, motors, generators and combustion engine components. Our Bent bolts meet the toughest compliances and tolerances so that your finished product can be tough and durable.

The bend of the bolt is used to keep materials in place without providing any room for radical movement. Once the bolt is secured, it acts as the perfect joint for heavy loads. Depending on your application’s requirement, we also provide Bent bolts in zinc plated coating and galvanised coating. In unconventional usage, these bolts might also be used for wire and cable fastening.

Wing Screw

Wing screws are generally used in construction applications to allow users to make direct adjustments and change calibrations. These screws feature flat projections called the ‘head’ on the side of the screws. This provides natural leverage turning and ensures that the pressure on the fingers is evenly distributed and there is no pain while adjusting an instrument. If an application requires frequent access and tightening between each use, then wing screws from BSA Enterprises will get the job done for you. These screws come in a wide range of sizes to meet all your fastening need. It is also made out of stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel materials which ensures that it is corrosion resistant and durable. Another advantage of these screws is the easy installation process which can be followed to set it up. It requires no special assembly and therefore used mostly in consumer products as it can be assembled quickly.

Hex Bolt

They come in a wide range of different hex bolt sizes for custom applications depending on its dimensional requirements. These Hex Bolts come in the anti-corrosion stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel materials which ensures that the structure doesn’t weaken because of rust. Depending on the length of the bolt, it can come with standard threading or full threading. Since it is made out of such strong materials, these high quality grade 8.8 bolts are often used in high-temperature environments like automotive parts assembly. These Hex Bolts can also be used in marine and coastal operations due to its anti-corrosion property. We ensure that all our products are durable and high strength components which can only enhance your work’s credibility.

Eye Bolt

Common household masonry requires stainless steel eye bolts which can form their own anchors. A few of these lightweight bolts rely only the pull on the eye ring to expand the anchor instead of direct screwing. It also depends on the application and loads applied to it. Our bolts come in different sizes for custom applications across various industries. They are galvanised and come with extra strength for increased reliability and load bearing.