our clips offer secure fastening solutions across a wide range of applications.Whether you’re securing cables, panels, or automotive components, our clips provide the sturdy grip needed to ensure the integrity of your assemblies. With BSA Enterprises, you can trust in the quality and performance of our clips to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.

External Circlip

These clips from BSA Enterprises come with axially fitted circlips with grooves which act as shafts of any rotatory assembly. These fasteners are made with curved beams of uniform strength. Towards the free ends, the radial width is reduced to ensure that a circular frame is maintained for continuous use. They are made of stainless, carbon steel, or alloy steel which makes them corrosion resistant and allows them to be used in extreme temperatures without losing their electrical or mechanical properties. This also allows them to be used in extremely high strength applications.

Internal Circlip

Internal circlips from BSA Enterprises are retaining rings used for securing mechanical elements or bearings in bores and other rotating assemblies. They are mostly used in applications in which a centrifugal force is applied along the assembly’s axis. The circlips are inserted into grooves and are used to create a shoulder to retain the assembly. To quickly install or remove the circlips, lugs with holes have to be used. They are made with stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel making them extremely corrosion resistant and durable. Therefore, they can be used in high strength applications and extreme heat and cold conditions without them losing their electrical or mechanical properties. These fasteners have been designed to maintain an equal width throughout their body and hence, can be seen flattened on the open ends

E- Clip

E-clips from BSA Enterprises are shaft mounted for rotatory assemblies. They act as the retaining ring in bores and other applications in which radial and centrifugal force is applied to the assembly. The purpose of the e clips is to restrict the loosening of the components due to the rapid rotational motion. They are inserted into grooves placed on shafts to create a shoulder that retains the assembly. These clips eliminate the need for threading, tapping or other machining operations required for traditional fasteners. The most significant advantage of using these fasteners is the reduction in production cost they bring into the economics of building many assemblies. Ultimately, they provide a functionally superior design compared to the other fasteners. They can quickly be snapped into place using lugs with holes but cannot be fastened and unfastened using traditional tools. Due to their structural built, they cannot be used for lateral movements even within the assembly. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear