Rivets & Inserts

BSA Enterprises offers a diverse selection of rivets and inserts for various industrial applications. Our rivets provide reliable fastening for metal, plastic, and fabric, including solid, blind, and pop rivets. Meanwhile, our inserts offer threaded solutions for wood, plastic, and metal, ensuring strength and versatility. With a focus on quality and innovation, we provide durable and high-performance fastening solutions to meet your needs.

Nut Insert Round

A nut insert round, also known as a threaded insert or rivet nut, is a fastener used to create threaded holes in materials. It consists of a cylindrical body with internal threads and flanges for grip. Installed by compressing or riveting into a pre-drilled hole, it forms a secure threaded connection without access to the backside of the material. Widely used in automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries, nut insert rounds offer versatility in various applications. They come in different sizes and materials to suit specific project needs.


Wire Thread Inserts

Wire thread inserts, also called helical or screw thread inserts, reinforce threads in softer materials or damaged holes. Made of stainless steel wire, they form a coil with internal and external threads. Installed by tapping a hole and threading in with a tool, they provide strong and wear-resistant threads for repeated assembly. Widely used in automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, they extend the durability of threaded connections. Available in various sizes and thread types to suit different applications.


Nut Insert Hex

A nut insert hex, or hexagonal nutsert, is a threaded insert designed for installation into pre-drilled holes. Featuring a hexagonal outer shape, they offer a wrench-friendly surface for tightening. Commonly used in applications with limited access, they provide a secure threaded connection and are widely used in automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.


Round Head Rivet

A round head rivet is a fastener with a rounded head and cylindrical shaft used to permanently join materials through riveting. Installed by inserting the shaft into pre-drilled holes and deforming it to create a bulge, they provide a secure connection. Widely used in industries like automotive and construction for various applications due to their reliability and strength.

POP Rivet

A POP rivet, also called a blind or pull rivet, securely joins materials together without requiring access to the backside. It comprises a cylindrical shaft and mandrel; installation involves inserting it into pre-drilled holes and using a tool to pull the mandrel, expanding the rivet to hold the materials. Widely used in industries like automotive and construction for various applications due to their easy installation and reliability.

Countersunk Head Rivet

A countersunk head rivet is a type of fastener with a head that sits flush with the surface of the material it’s securing. This design allows for a smooth finish once installed, reducing snagging and providing a neat appearance. Countersunk head rivets are commonly used in applications where aesthetics and aerodynamics are important, such as in aircraft, automotive, and architectural structures. They provide a secure and streamlined fastening solution for joining materials together.


Hammer Rivet

Hammer rivets from BSA Fasteners are made with stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel which makes them extremely durable for use in very high strength applications. They can also be used in applications which have to be deployed near the sea because they are corrosion resistant. Like any other rivets, the hammer rivet comes with a tubular shank running through the entire length of its body. To insert it, a pressure is exerted on its head. It is used in blindside applications in which only one side of the structure is exposed to us, and the fastener has to be tightened and loosened from only that side.